• Soothing Cream - Hinoki Menthol


Soothing Cream - Hinoki Menthol

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A cooling and rejuvenating cream that penetrates deep into the skin to soothe aching muscles and encourage recovery. Our original Hinoki Menthol blend also helps to clear and soothe airways when applied to the chest and throat. Contains 500 mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD.

1.8 oz / 50 g • 100 mg Hemp CBD

Cruelty-free, Paraben-free.

Petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide help relieve, hydrate, restore, and protect the skin's barrier. Antioxidants from a nutritious blend of berry extracts help to soften skin. 100 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD helps to naturally support the skin and provide balance.


Petrolatum (protecting), Ceramide AP (protecting), Japanese Camellia Seed Oil (antioxidant), Strawberry Fruit Extract (antioxidant), Green Tea Leaf Extract (antioxidant), Cloudberry Fruit Extract (antioxidant), Blueberry Fruit Extract (antioxidant), Coffee Seed Extract (antioxidant), Raspberry Fruit Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract (antioxidant).

How to Use:
Apply as needed to dry skin, minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.