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Article: Mister Green's Los Angeles – Spots In Our Neighborhood

Mister Green's Los Angeles – Spots In Our Neighborhood

Here is a short list of places we go to in our neighborhood (mostly within 1 mile):


Tacos Villa Corona
≈1 mile from Mister Green
Our most regular lunch spot– easy, cheap, delicious homestyle burritos from a pickup window that's about a 5 minute drive from the shop. We recommend the chicken & bean or steak & potato burrito, and maybe a chorizo taco as a side dish.

Proof Bakery
≈1 mile from Mister Green
Great for coffee and French baked goods. Their baguette sandwiches are really excellent, but often sell out.

Bub & Grandma's
≈2.5 miles from Mister Green
This spot is really good. Perhaps best described as a modern diner. In our opinion they have the best sandwich menu in town.

India's Restaurant
≈1.5 miles from Mister Green
One of the only places we go for Indian food. Nice people, good food, open really late.

≈1/3 mile from Mister Green
Easy breezy casual Italian spot. Best for dinner with friends. If you're not paying attention you might miss how beautifully designed the place is– one of the owners is a well established architect, and former pupil of Rem Koolhaas.


Red Lion
≈1 mile from Mister Green
Divy German tavern. We prefer the bar at the entrance. It's cozy and there's usually someone playing a piano/keyboard and singing. Upstairs there's another cozy bar that leads out to a large outdoor area which is usually more crowded.

El Prado
≈2.5 miles from Mister Green
A good local wine and beer spot catering to the more "creative industry" type L.A. set. People tend to get dressed up (in an L.A. sort of way) and mingle a bit.

≈1 mile from Mister Green
A Brooklyn transplant music venue, plus a good bar with decent food. Programming varies but usually a band/artist/DJ if you're looking for that sort of thing.

The Friend
≈1/4 mile from Mister Green
A safe bet for a DJ and maybe even some dancing.


Lady White Co.
≈1/2 mile from Mister Green
Masters of men's apparel standards. A great local brand. They are famous for their white tees! The store has a cool minimalist style and a point of view.

Gil Rodriguez
≈1 mile from Mister Green
Another local brand, but this time masters of women's apparel standards– and elegance.

Alias Books East
≈1 mile from Mister Green
A great used bookseller. Rare and unusual titles.

≈1 mile from Mister Green
This is our framer. If you need framing hit up Danny, but probably helps to be local– but he might be good at shipping (ask him).