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Downtown Huntington Beach

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Downtown Huntington Beach
Photo book by Tyler Sueda

A collection of photos taken by Tyler Sueda taken in Downtown Huntington Beach from the years of 2012-2019.

Introduction by Connor Murray:

"It's a hot one. The sun shines down like barking dogs, and in Huntington Beach, California, everybody's heading for the sand. Downtown Huntington Beach - by Tyler Sueda, is a look at the tony neighborhoods downtown and Main St. Its many faces and sunburned personalities- all out to spend a buck or earn one - chained to the beach in film. Its simple biology. These photos, captured between 2012-2019, show the second surf riot, local legends, and quiet moments, serving as a capsule to the time just out of reach. Dedicated to Sueda's best friend, Kyle Chavez, the sensitive book take its time to show a neighborhood as it really is. RIP KYLE CHAVEZ."

Downtown Huntington Beach
Downtown Huntington Beach Sale price$34.00