• Nepenthes Magazine #18
  • Nepenthes Magazine #18
  • Nepenthes Magazine #18
  • Nepenthes Magazine #18
  • Nepenthes Magazine #18


    Nepenthes Magazine #18

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    “SOUTH2 WEST8 20th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE” and focuses on SOUTH2 WEST8, which celebrates its 20th anniversary since the birth of the brand.

    Starting with following the trajectory of 20 years, the fashion story by stylist Shun Katagai featuring 'the Sapporo street edition' and the 'Asahikawa outdoor edition' with the bassist Hidekazu Hinata. In addition, interviews with artists such as Ben Miller and the city guide of the Sapporo area, the Asahikawa area and the Biei where "Flower, Sun, Rain" is based. "Flower, Sun, Rain" is a new project from the Nepenthes.


    「NORTHWARD」 Remixed by Shun Katakai
    「20 years of SOUTH2 WEST8」
    「SOUTH2 WEST8 x TACOMA FUJI RECORDS」 20 year anniversary products
    「NEPENTHES CITY GUIDE」 Sapporo / Asahikawa
    「THE EXTREME」 Interview:Hidekazu “Hinatch” HInata
    「HANA, TAIYO, AME」 A Project from Biei, Hokkaido
    「ART IN FASHION」 Interview : Ben Miller
    「SOUTH2 WEST8 x SAKURA」 Interview : Masayuki Sakurai